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TEFL | Learn English in Cyprus | Terms & Conditions PDF Print E-mail
After receiving acceptance, Cyprus applicants will be asked to pay the €250.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your place in our program. If for any reason applicants choose not to cancel enrollment, refunds will not be issued unless under extreme circumstances. Plato Institute and the course organizer must both agree to refund students depending on the situation. The €250.00 is not refundable under any circumstances. We do not guarantee the replacement of course members who subsequently drop out of our program.

The remaining balance of the tuition must be paid in full prior to the first day of class. It can be paid in cash, traveler’s checks, or by credit card. Students interested in other payment arrangement should contact the course advisor as soon as possible. Alternative payment methods may be available depending on special circumstances.

We also ask that all applicants fill out pre-screening forms prior to starting our courses. We ask that students fill out and submit our forms regarding their personal history and motives for joining our course program. Forms include sections consisting of future aspirations, inaccuracies, criminal history. Cyprus has the right to refuse students based on inaccurate applications.

Course fees are based on completion of our program. Students are required to complete all course assessments including teaching practices within the four-week course. Students, who fail to complete courses by the finish date, may accrue more costs than originally paid. An extension of time may be granted depending on the circumstances of the situation. Each additional teaching practice needed to complete the course is charged approximately $35.00 per lesson, and each piece of written work is charged €20.00. Students choosing to leave in the middle of a course, and who would like to re-enter at a later date will be subjected to a €150 moderation fee by TEFL Cyprus.

Cyprus International offers hundreds of courses in our programs. Since opening only 3 courses have been cancelled due to extreme circumstances beyond the control of Cyprus. Cancellations on behalf of TEFL are extremely rare. For some reason, should we cancel any of our courses, full refunds will be issued to all students enrolled in the program. Transfers to other programs offered by TEFL are also possible as well as priority enrollment in a future course of your choice.

The TEFL certificate is not a graded certificate. Certificates are issued on the last day of class, upon completion of our course. Students receiving disciplinary action may be subjected to course cancellation. It’s the course director’s final decision whether students should be dismissed from the program due to lack of attendance, or failing the courses. Dismissed persons from our program will not receive a refund.

Other activities and services may be advertised by our company. These courses and activities may change due to location or local circumstances. Other activities relating to the course will be added in.