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What is the TEFL job market in Cyprus like? Will I have trouble getting a job?
If you’ve ever thought about changing professions to become a TEFL/ESL teacher, now is the time. Increasing demand for TEFL teachers has created a multitude of TEFL job opportunities in Cyprus . There are two principle types of TEFL jobs that are in demand; positions which require bilingual teachers (Greek and English) to teach bilingual classes, and TEFL positions for English only classes for speakers who have a limited ability in English (LEP – limited English proficiency).
• According to the last Education Statistics, “In school year 2008, 27 percent of all schools with bilingual/ESL teaching vacancies found them very difficult or impossible to fill, more than for many other teaching fields.
• From the same report: “As the number of children with difficulty speaking English has increased so has the burden on school systems to recruit teachers with the skills necessary to teach these classes. The difficulty schools have in filling such positions is one indication of whether the supply of bilingual and ESL teachers is adequate to meet the demand.”

When do I need to start looking for work? Where do I start?
We suggest you begin setting up interviews and sending resumes in the second or third week of the course after we have covered job-related matters during input sessions. There are dozens of TEFL employers in Limassol alone, and scores elsewhere on the island. Of course, you’re certainly not limited to working in Cyprus – where to teach is up to you!

What will TESOL International do to help me secure employment?
We can give you a list of available jobs throughout the world, and provide schools lists for most countries. We will also help you with resume and interview preparation. We guarantee job-placement assistance. This job-placement assistance is an integral part of the course and is available for the duration of your teaching career.

What is the average salary like?
The average hourly TEFL salary in Cyprus is between 20-50 Euros in a private school. Public schools pay considerably more.Our job-placement counselor will provide you with information about other countries.

Do most schools provide accommodations for their teachers?
Some employers provide accommodation as part of an employment package. Those that do not will offer assistance in finding suitable accommodation. Accommodation is generally easy to find.