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Why teach abroad? 

Teaching overseas can be a life-rewarding experience. Look at what it can bring you:

* Explore the world.

* Help others improve their living standard.

* Build a good career path: Both companies and graduate schools value overseas’ work experience, since this demonstrates your ability to deal with challenges and work with others in a diverse environment.

* Teaching overseas gives you the opportunity of traveling around the world without paying much. Flights and living expenses are very often covered by the school. You can also earn a reasonable amount of salary.

* Learn a new language. It is much easier to learn a language when you can immerse into it. So you can practice daily and improve fast.

* Make lifelong friends. There are so many chances to find new friends

* Whenever you go around the world. No matter where you are, friendships may last forever.

Every year thousands of people move away from their homelands to live and teach in foreign countries around the world. Why teach abroad? Hands down, it is the best way to broaden your horizons. There’s no better way to see the world, try different things, make money, learn about culture and learn about living an entirely different lifestyle which most people only dream about. Plus, there’s no shortage to the number of interesting and available jobs here in Asia. My teaching career started off in China, but within months, I was also singing professionally, doing radio work, book editing, television programs, commercials and modeling. In some countries, like Taiwan, the pay is quite good and living expenses are low, which allow people to save money. In other countries, such as China, the pay might not be so high, but the benefits are awesome and travel is cheap. You’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of it. Either way, you can’t lose. An overwhelming number of people I meet here are able to use the market as a platform for their own passions and interests. Writers, artists and musicians often move to other countries to work. Being a writer, artist and musician and living in Asia has really given me and my work an edge that I might not have had in Canada. I have found that settling into a new place and meeting new people has sparked creative ideas and offered me inspiration that was otherwise unavailable back home. You might stay for a year to see what it’s all about and decide it’s not for you, but I guarantee that you’ll see and learn and grow more in that year than at any other time of your life. Maybe you’ll end up staying longer, once your love affair with Asia has taken root. Then, your travels and experiences will start taking you further and further away from home. Whatever your reason for teaching abroad, your experience teaching away from home will change your life forever.