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Maria Ioannou

Maria is a highly qualified and experienced EFL teacher with more than 6 years of experience in TEFL in Cyprus ,Greece and Spain.

She graduated Reading University with a 1st class Honours Degree in BALit and continued her studies at King’s College London where she was awarded the MALit with merit.

Furthering her studies she was awarded the TEFL Diploma and continued as a teacher trainer and head of the English Department at Plato Institute ,one of the biggest English Language schools in Cyprus .

Maria is also a writer of an EFL book, My Felicio, and of many EFL Educational Materials.

Her story Standing Mountain was awarded in the international competition “A Sea of Words”, organized by the Anna-Lindh Foundation and the IEMed. Her poem Garbagology was a finalist in the “Art Attack” international poetry competition organized by the University of Zagreb. She has also taken part in a number of exhibitions, including the “A Book for a Lifetime” exhibition at Artspace, as well as the “Rolling Frame” audio-visual exhibition at Stoa Aeschylus, where she presented extracts from the play Platforms. Her narrative The Gigantic Fall of an Eyelash has been selected to represent Cyprus in the 14th Biennale in Skopje.

Ioannou Antonis

Born in Limassol and educated in UK Mr Ioannou is a holder of two degrees and a post graduate degree in Greek , English and a PGD in TEFL respectively. Mr Ioannou is one of the most experienced tutors in Teacher Training we have at Plato.

He began as a teacher of English where he taught in Greece and in Governmental Schools in Cyprus then he was promoted to a deputy and head of the English Departments of more than 8 Governmental Lycea and Gymnasia and ended as the Headmaster of Polemidia Gymnasium,a governmental high school in Limassol Cyprus .Now with more than 27 years of experience in TEFL he is an asset to the TEFL Plato Team.

Mr Ioannou wrote hundreds of TEFL Materials and he is a member of ICM ,the IETFL Cyprus .