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Learn and Teach English in Cyprus


8 Souliou Str.
P.O.Box 550013820
Limassol, Cyprus
Tel. +357 25 564260

Our Courses

The most frequently chosen TEFL certificate course is offered as a 4 to 5-week, intensive course in an on-site classroom setting. This is great for those students who want to travel to our beautiful Cyprus and see Limassol up close and personal. We also offer different courses to suite each individual’s needs.

Limassol, Cyprus

For those lovers of rich culture and a beautiful Mediterranean environment, Limassol Cyprus is for you. Besides the long list of historical landmarks from the ancient Greek and Byzantine eras, Limassol can also boast of its clean sandy beaches which stretch along the coast for over 60km! Besides the cultural and aesthetically pleasing sites, the night-life in Limassol has plenty to offer from theatres, international and local restaurants, night clubs, taverns and many other social and cultural venues. With our center in Limassol, you can’t go wrong!


4 January – 29 January
1 February – 26 February
1 March – 26  March
5 April – 30 April
3 May – 28 May
7 June – 25 June
5 July – 30 July
2 August – 27 August
6 September – 1 October
4 October – 29 October
1 November – 26 November
29  November –  24 December